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Low water pressure? Pump up your mains water!

  • 12 June 2018

Low water pressure and flow is a common problem across the UK. However, by boosting the flow from your incoming mains, you can improve the performance of taps, showers and baths. And while many believe that the Water Supply and Fittings Regulations (1999) limit you from boosting your mains water supply without consent, Salamander Pumps is here to explain how you can easily improve the water flow around your house…

Government regulations state that pumped mains water must not exceed 12 litres per minute (l/m), however many households are experiencing a flow much below this. During busy times of the day, usually, first thing in the morning and early evening, when water demand is high, it’s quite common for the mains water pressure to dip for the whole street.

To help combat this, Salamander developed its HomeBoost mains water pump, in line with the Government regulations. Attached directly to your existing mains water supply the HomeBoost pump increases water pressure and flow up to 12 l/m, but not above.

The intelligent mains pump works by monitoring the water flow through the pump, only kicking into action when needed. If the water flow is already at 12l/m or more, the pump will stay in standby mode, meaning that pumped water flow will never exceed 12l/m.

The HomeBoost pump can also improve overall performance of combi boilers. Maintaining a constant flow to the boilers allows it to run more efficiently.

Not only this, operating at just 46dBA, the pump holds the Quiet Mark accolade, an international award from the UK Noise Abatement Society. The pump is also nice and compact, fitting into those tight, out-of-the-way spaces in your home.

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