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Easy installation products to help plumbers achieve more, in less time.

  • 24 June 2019

Despite plumbing remaining one of the best paid construction trades in the UK, the weekly earnings of self-employed plumbers have recently taken a dip. According to the latest figures released by Hudson Contract, last month’s payroll for in England and Wales revealed a 3.2% decline in earnings.

So how can installers boost their earnings without overloading themselves with work?

Smooth installation

Delayed jobs can play havoc with a plumber’s workflow. Because of this, products that can be installed in stages are really useful for plumbers who are doing their best to manage multiple jobs at one time.

Bristan’s Wallmount 12 bar shower mounting system features flexible inlets with built-in isolation making it ideal for scenarios such as new build installations, where multiple trades are working within the same environment, often at the same time. The Wallmount 12 enables plumbers to connect water supply at first fix and install the shower at second fix, avoiding interfering with tiling or sealing work, or risking damage to the shower unit.

The Wallmount 12 also allows plumbers to isolate the water supply from the front of the wall for quick and easy replacement of bar showers, making it a great choice for retrofit installations too.

Choice and flexibility

Offering flexibility for both the installer and end user, the electric shower provides an exceptional quick and easy replacement option. Electric showers can be installed practically anywhere, as they only require a cold-water mains supply and an electrical connection.

Bristan’s electric models, for example, allow installers to choose between multiple water and cable entry points, which are located at the rear bottom left, rear bottom right, bottom left, bottom right and top left – providing a huge amount of flexibility. This means no tricky pipework adjustments, which equals less hassle for the installer and less disruption for the homeowner.

What’s more, the adjustable footprint of Bristan’s electric units easily fits over the wall fixings of other manufacturers’ showers. With the additional of riser rail with adjustable fixing brackets, the range will cover the majority of previous fixing holes, resulting in a neat and tidy installation.


A quick fix

To maintain a healthy income stream, plumbers need to be able to execute installations quickly and easily, allowing them to move on to the next job.

Quick installation products like Bristan’s range of Easyfit kitchen taps and compatible sinks help to keep jobs on schedule. The integral Easyfit base and pre-fitted flexi tails mean that the Easyfit tap body can be fixed to the sink with minimal fuss, saving valuable time for the installer. Simply hook up the hose tails, push on the tap and tighten the grub screw. Plus, with a wide choice of Easyfit taps for customers to choose from, there will be no time wasted searching for a particular style or finish.

Products on tap

For plumbers, time is money. Waiting around for products or parts to be delivered can be extremely stressful and put installers under increased pressure to complete jobs on time.

Availability of products, fast delivery and ongoing after care is how we help plumbers to keep jobs moving. Backed up by next day delivery, our industry leading distribution service and nationwide network of merchants ensure that products are readily available to keep jobs on track and avoid costly downtime.

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